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EVLN: Why can't NZ import LHD Bolt EVs? | (GM Tries To Out-Musk Tesla)
Holden New Zealand wants this electric vehicle, the Chevrolet Bolt, imported
here ... of left-hand drive vehicles so a limited number of the Bolts can be
imported ...

EVLN: PCD> ultra-compact 3wheel 1seat commuter EV r:90km ts:75kph (v)
Tiny Electric Commuter Car is Greener Than Riding the Train
We've all been hearing for years how much more eco-friendly it is to take
the train than it is to drive – but this is the car that could change ...

EVLN: TMC sez they're not ready for EVs> (TMC EV$4 India&China, still
pushing fcvs)
Toyota Chairman Tells Der Spiegel EVs Are Not Ready For Mass Production ...
In keeping with earlier comments from Toyota execs about electric vehicles,
Toyota Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada was recently quoted by the noted German
publication ...

55yrold Zero e-motorcycle rider slammed into Pasadena-CA metal traffic
signal pole
Man killed in Pasadena motorcycle crash was 55-year-old Altadena ...
Authorities Friday identified a 55-year-old Altadena man who was killed when
the electric motorcycle he was riding slammed into a metal pole in Pasadena
... died at the scene ...

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