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EVLN: Dynamo Motor Company’s all-electric taxi
First look at new electric taxis destined for Wolverhampton.uk
It was a chance for representatives from the taxi associations in the city
to find out more about the types of taxis on offer ahead of new electric
vehicle charging ...

EVLN: e-bicycles.jp could make a resurgence in Europe if they grip the
European mentality
Going electric: Celebrating Japan's powerful e-bikes
In fact, electric bikes have become as commonplace as, well, bicycles
themselves. Yet, when it comes to electric vehicles, the car industry
captures most of the ...

EVLN: BYD Opening Electric Truck Factory In Canada
BYD Opening Electric Truck Factory In Canada, Cites Friendlier Environment
... strong provincial tax incentives creating an environment that is more
welcoming to electric vehicles than the US ...

(ot) 5 Reasons Your Fuel Economy And EV Range Drop In Colder Weather
 ... Underinflated ... increased rolling resistance and reduction in
efficiency strikes electric vehicles just as hard as ice ... temperature on
batteries ... More Resistance ... Heating ...

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