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EVLN: 1st Tesla-3 (rc87) in Canada> spotted near Rockies @Squamish.bc
SuperEVSE (v)
Tesla's Model 3 remains a hard car to find outside of CA ... The fact that
it has a number stickered to the rear window could mean that the vehicle is
a release candidate unit ... The official launch in Canada is not expected
until the second half of 2018 ...

EVLN: 1st Tesla-3 (rc87) in Canada> spotted near Rockies @Squamish.bc
SuperEVSE (v)
Taco truck halts GM autonomous car's cruise through SF city streets
The Bolt reacted more conservatively than a human driver ... slowing to a
near stop after sensing a bike approaching ... A taco truck was too much ...
a taco truck stumped the machine ... The Bolt’s human backup driver
disengaged the system and took the wheel after the car waited for more than
a minute behind the taco truck where construction workers ordered lunch ...

UCS sez e-Driving Is Cheaper in U.S. Cities> Charging Cost?, save $800/yr
How Much Does it Cost to Charge an Electric Car in Your City?
After comparing the findings for large cities across the US, the answer is
clear: for every electricity provider we looked at, charging an EV is
cheaper than refueling the average new gasoline vehicle ... driving on
electricity would save on average almost $800 per year ...

ff> How not to start a company& leapfrog into unpaid bills w/ a lack of
Chinese Rival to Tesla Faces a Debt Crunch
Faraday & Future struggling to raise a $500 million funding round. The
dwindling empire of China’s Jia Yueting, who once boasted he would leapfrog
Tesla ... faces a new hurdle ...

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