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EVLN: Coachbuilder qwestnorfolk.co.uk custom building a Tesla-S station
wagon EV (v)
A custom Tesla Model S station wagon is taking shape
And at least one coachbuilder in the U.K. has sought to bring the longroof
goodness to EV customers: Norfolk-based coachbuilder Qwest has been working
on a …

EVLN: Lucid moves hq2 Newark-CA> AZ factory under funded (v)
Lucid Motors expands in new headquarters, still no word on electric car
factory ... million EV factory to bring the Lucid Air to production than new
headquarters ... having difficulties raising ... financing to start building
their factory in Arizona ...

Giertz' Cheese Louise> 70's (hairy-chested parking brake'd)
Comuta/Citicar-nEV (v)
Florida's Hopeful EV From The 1970s Is a Fantastic First Car
Simone's first car may only be one of the less powerful civilian
Comuta-Cars, but it sure is the perfect first car for San Fransisco—as long
as she keeps going downhill, and downhill only ... also happens to be very
safe, sporting a 4-point harness, a hairy-chested parking brake, and the
most advanced rear crash ...

Costa Rican Bill Passed That Exempts EVs Of All Taxes> (decarbonization
Buying an electric car just got cheaper with the approval on Monday of the
bill that exempts electric vehicles from sales taxes and import duties ...
The main objective of the initiative is an increase in the import of a
greater variety of electric and reducing the dependency on imported oil ...

Slovenian-designed carbon-fibre Electric-glider crash> (One dead in
Glider crash investigation to take up to 18 months
An investigation into the cause of the glider crash which claimed Ricco
Legler's life is ... state-of-the-art, carbon-fibre, electric-powered
self-launching glider ...

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