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EVLN: $35k Tesla-3 EV EPA-confirmed-r:310mi> (The race for electric
EPA confirms Tesla's Model 3 has a range of 310 miles
That figure applies to the long-range version of the Model 3, and echoes the
vehicle specs released by Tesla back in July ... one of the most efficient
passenger EVs on the market. The EPA's range is used as the advertised
figure for electric vehicles that are sold in the US ...

EVLN: EVs using free EVSE power to Bitcoin-Mine> (ethical questions raised)
Tesla Owners Are Stealing Power To Mine Bitcoin
On the one hand, this could be a good way to offset the cost of owning an
electric vehicle. On the other hand, it lowers the efficiency of the vehicle
and increases the environmental impact. But then again, the mining was going
to be done somewhere anyway, so does it really? ...

Bangle's bizarre kid-drawn/vehicular-Tetris REDS EV> (This is what Starbucks
is trying to be)
The REDS EV prototype is designed to help you relax in a ...
REDS is the alpha prototype for a new Chinese city car conceived by the
provocative former BMW design chief Chris Bangle ... The EV will be produced
by REDSPACE, a new Chinese  commercial car manufacturer formed by the China
Hi-Tech Group Corporation ...

Drifting& sand-blasting Tesla-X in the Arabian desert> (Too Much Money& No
Brains) (v)
Tesla Model X goes drifting off-road in the Arabian desert
We have seen increasing use of the all-electric SUV off-road and the latest
example comes from a Model X owner drifting off-road in the Arabian desert
... Tesla has yet to officially launch in Saudi Arabia ... (How2: ruin a
Tesla-X, or squander/waste oil-profit$) ...

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