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EVLN: Tesla-3 updates sw w/ radio,odometer& more | “1st Production” Design
Studio Is Live
 ... The automaker has been updating the Model 3's software since the launch
and their latest update this week now brings some new (though quite basic)
features. The Tesla Model 3 “First Production” Design Studio Is Live For
Early Reservation Holders ... most electric vehicle drivers would likely
argue that the extra range is not necessary for the majority of driving ...

EVLN: $10k Crowdfunded Sondors 3whl 3seat EV Debuts @Los_Angeles-CA Auto
The crowdfunded company is present at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show with a
3-wheel, fully electric prototype called Model Sondors, which was funded
back in ... It has a 3-seat layout, two at the front and one at the rear,
and it promises to become the most affordable, attractive, and practical EV
ever, with an anticipated ...

i3 advert banned for 'misleading' zero-emissions enviro claims | (i3S has
less range)
An ad for BMW has been banned for falsely claiming that its i3 is a
zero-emissions "clean car" that "helps to give back to the environment". The
Facebook post in May contained a video including the voice-over: "Having
driven petrol-guzzling cars before, I realised that it is now time to switch
to an electric car ...

Auto-Bild.de falsely accused Tesla of fraud> excluded from €4k EV
incentive.de list
A German government agency has removed Tesla from the list of electric cars
eligible for subsidies ... Tesla delivered 2,780 vehicles from January to
October this year ... nowhere near where it should be based on the size of
the market ...

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