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EVLN: This (Tesla e-truck delivered) Bud's for you> e-delivered Sysco& Pepsi
goods (v)
Anheuser-Busch announced this week that it ordered up 40 all-electric
semitrucks from automaker Tesla to handle high-volume deliveries from
breweries to wholesalers. The pre-order is one of the largest announced to
date for the Tesla Semi line of electric heavy-duty vehicles, which are
slated to go into production in 2019 ...

EVLN: Panasonic AI-auton 2seat commuter EV> (ideal4 the not-allowed2-drive,
ie elderly)
Panasonic develops two-passenger automatic driving vehicle
The Eiheiji Town Government, The Fukui Prefecture Government and Panasonic
have jointly started the field test of the experimental autonomous electric
vehicle. Even if the elderly cannot drive, they will be able to go anywhere,
any time ...

Electric or electrified?> if it has an exhaust, it’s not an EV
Electric car, or electrified car? We decode this obnoxious industry jargon
In short: an electrified car isn’t electric, but an electric car is
electrified … Audi pointed out an electric car is fully electric, while an
electrified car is either a plug-in hybrid or a mild hybrid. Chevrolet notes
the term “electrified” covers “all vehicles that use electric power at
varying stages,” such as eAssist, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fcv ...

Spent EV Battery Reuse Comes Before Recycle
What happens when a electric car’s battery pack gets damaged in an accident,
wears out or just stops working? ... idea of leaving an $8,190 30
kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack in a junkyard car looks foolish from
a financial standpoint ... these batteries cost $273/kWh ...

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