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EVLN: Ford Moves 300-Mile Range EV production To Mexico
... plans to devote more volume to its autonomous vehicle development ...
will invest an additional $200 million and add another 150 jobs. Focusing on
autonomous vehicles in Flat Rock also allows Ford to build its long-range
electric crossover in a low-cost country. Last March, the Dearborn-based
automaker announced plans to not build a new plant in Mexico ...

EVLN: $209/kWh li-ion packs will fall to $100/kWh by 2025
Battery-pack prices are the lowest they've ever been, and like a
yoga-obsessed limbo contestant, they're primed to go even lower. A report
... states the average cost of an EV battery pack is now $209 per
kilowatt-hour ... BNEF ... will cost less ... just 7 years ...

EV packs can balance the grid's load reducing utilities' infrastructure
Batteries in electric vehicles could help regulate fluctuations caused by
disparities in electricity generation and demand. Power flows are balanced
with these batteries that provide electricity when demand exceeds supply or
absorb excess power when it surpasses demand. As a result, less electricity
is wasted and wear and ...

M&M.in invests in& will sell electric powertrains and parts to SsangYong.kr
Mahindra Electric To Play Key Role In SsangYong's Electric Vehicle Plans
 ... "We have now products in the mass market segment ... will get into new
technologies with higher power voltage powertrains and higher range
products". With already few electric ...

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