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EVLN: Tesla-S P100D EV Humiliates Modified Ferrari FF In 1/2 Mile (v)
Thanks to its twin electric motors and Ludicrous+ mode, the Model S P100D is
capable of tapping into its 920 ft-lbs of torque instantly, which allows the
vehicle to gain instant acceleration. The Tesla, just like the Ferrari FF,
has all-wheel drive. As could be seen in the race between the EV and the ICE
supercar, however, the ...

EVLN: Tesla fulfils a dying man's bucket list item> delivers his Model 3
Tesla is definitely ramping up Model 3 deliveries  ... Tesla is definitely
ramping up Model 3 deliveries ...

Free EV parking ends Jan. 1 2018 in Las Vegas, NV
Dec 19, 2017  Qualified drivers had to pay $10 for a decal affixed to the
vehicles. About 500 permits were issued in Las Vegas over the life of the
law, with 131 decals currently in use, Radke said. Even though free parking
is no longer available, electric vehicles still can power up for no cost at
city-owned charging stations ...

First Image of Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster getting ready to go to Mars on a
SpaceX rocket
Dec. 22nd 2017  There have been a lot of doubts and confusion around Elon
Musk's claim that the first payload of SpaceX's new Falcon Heavy will be his
own original Tesla Roadster. But now it looks more real than ever as we get
to see the first image of the electric vehicle being turned into a payload

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