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EVLN: £52k Real-life folding Transformer EV modelled on shape-shifting
Orders are ... from buyers in Japan and abroad, with one overseas airport
interested in using the vehicle for a ride-sharing service ... The vehicle's
compact chassis is capable of folding itself up, creating something akin to
one of Mobile Suit Gundam's 'mecha' robot cockpits ...

Electric car on Honda Brio platform in works as Honda Cars plans big EV push
in India
December 29, 2017  Indian-arm of Japanese car-maker Honda is likely to jump
on to the electric vehicle race in India soon and is its the Honda Brio
platform which is likely to underpin Honda's first electric car in India. A
repompaort on Live Mint states that the company will soon start the
identification of which electric cars the cny wants to make ...

Here's how electric vehicle adoption has grown worldwide ...
December 29, 2017  ... having to explain what's going on to the less-EV
enlightened ... the mainstream press,  (say) ... “may not catch on,” or ...
concerned about imaginary bugaboos like lithium shortages, exploding
batteries ... a new infographic ... depicts the accelerating rise of
e-mobility ... to educate your EV-clueless ... show them this infographic

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