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EVLN: 'Electric' motorcycles are More Than Just a Different Type of 'Fuel'
 ... standards are plucked from the electric car world and used in the
electric bike world, but the live wires in … We've all encountered software
bugs on our phones and computers ... But ... a bug could be the cause of
serious injury or worse. Most electric bikes lack even a clutch lever that
could be relied upon to disengage the final drive in an emergency ...

CES 2018: This one-seater electric car will be a showstopper
January 3, 2018  Solo is aimed at people who commute to work alone in their
personal vehicle. Retailing at $15,500 (Rs 9,83,940 approx), the vehicle is
up for pre-orders in the US at $250. The company says that Solo will be
delivered in Q4 2018 to people who register now. Electra Meccanica says this
electric vehicle offers three-four times the energy efficiency ...

How Marketers Are Turning Your Car Into a Branded Experience
January 8 2018  Cars won't be functioning as mere extensions of phones or
laptops with ads on the dash, but Symonds thinks marketers will make cars
and the brands inside them more useful. That could mean increasingly
localized ad buys on maps,  ad-sponsored charge-ups  for electric vehicles
or brand-subsidized LTE or Wi-Fi ...

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