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EVLN: Tesla-X EV helps pull a stuck Volvo semi truck climbing a Raleigh-NC
hill (v)
A Tesla Model X Just Pulled Its Largest Cargo To Date ...
The EV's powerful electric motors are capable of attaining maximum torque
off the line, giving the Tesla some pretty insane power ... a Model X pulled
a Volvo semi-trailer up a hill after the massive truck got stuck in the snow

Tesla's online trip planner maps out life as an EV owner
Jan 6, 2018  Although charging points are becoming more commonplace, buying
an electric vehicle still brings some uncertainty with regard to how far and
where you'll be able to travel. Tesla is removing some of the guesswork for
prospective buyers, bringing a new trip-planning tool online to help you map
out potential routes. Tesla is ...

Red Bull Global Rallycross to race electric, gas cars in same class in 2019
December 28, 2017  CEO Colin Dyne says they already race on the freeways, so
'why not?'  Red Bull Global Rallycross CEO Colin Dyne is planning to stage
his own version of the great race in 2019. It will be electric versus gas,
as the GRC plans to race gas-powered cars head to head with electric-powered
cars in its Supercars class. Dyne expects as many as six electric cars on
the grid next year ...

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