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EVLN: LRR tires change the dynamic of the Bolt for the better
Changing tires on Chevy Bolt EV electric car: your range, grip, and ...
Jan 25, 2018  One of the many tactics used by carmakers to boost efficiency
in their vehicles is fitting low-rolling-resistance tires. Specially
designed to reduce the energy wasted as heat from the friction between the
tire and the road, these tires can boost efficiency by a few percentage
points in an electric car ...

EVLN: Kia Niro crossover EV (concept) by 2025 r:238mi
Kia Niro EV Concept: This 238-mile-range electric crossover looks ...
Jan 9, 2018  Kia is getting as much eco-mileage as it can out of its Niro,
which already comes as a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid. Now the mini crossover
has turned fully electric at CES 2018. Called the Niro EV Concept, it claims
an impressive 238-mile range on a full charge and is capable of charging up
to 115 miles in 30 minutes ...

Japan gifts electric cars to Georgia.ge’s Interior Ministry
2 Feb 2018  The Japanese government and the corporation Mitsubishi have
gifted 96 hybrid and electric cars to Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs


Taxi-drivers.ie to get €7,000 grant for switching to electric cars
Jan 31, 2018  Minister creates new incentive for public service vehicles to
go electric.  Taxi drivers and operators of other …

Here's An Awesome Idea: Make Hawaii's Rental Cars Electric Vehicles
February 1, 2018  And it seems likely the addition of electric vehicles for
tourists would means more EV charging stations for all of us. Given that
Hawaii saw a record-breaking 9.4 million visitors last year, having many of
them rent an electric ... or plug-in hybrid vehicle to tool around the aina
would be a welcome evolution.

Seven-State Campaign Spurs Interest in Electric Vehicles
February 1, 2018  More than 36,000 people participated in the American Lung
Association's Midwest EVOLVE program in 2017, the first year of a
seven-state partnership to promote the clean-air and performance benefits of
electric vehicles (EVs). Midwest EVOLVE held or participated in nearly 70
events in 2017. A partnership between the ...

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