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EVLN: Chanje Electric Cargo Van> Test Drive
Jan 17, 2018 - With my electric-vehicle driving experience limited to
electric golf carts on one end of the spectrum and the Class 8 Transpower at
the other extreme, I was wide open to a brand-new experience with the Chanje
electric van. I have driven comparable-sized delivery vans before, such as
Mercedes' Sprinter ...

EVLN: Treelektrik T-MV7 electric lorry.my> (rebadged Cenntro)
Treelektrik has unveiled its first four-wheeled vehicle in Malaysia, called
the T-MV7. The vehicle in question is completely powered by electric, and
the company says it costs RM0.03 (three sen) to run per km, based on the
RM0.28 per kW/h electricity tariff. It's actually a rebadged version of the
Metro, a commercial vehicle ...

Tesla is in talks with electric truck customers to install ‘Megacharger’
stations, report says
Feb. 2nd 2018 ...  Musk claims could add “400 miles of range to a Tesla Semi
in 30 minutes.” ... some of its biggest Tesla Semi reservation holders to
add Megacharging stations at their facilities ...

(Lutz turns Chinese)
Bob Lutz To Develop All-Electric Pickup Truck With Help From China
20180205  The former General Motors executive is also the Chairman of VIA
Motors, a company that buys and sells extended-range electric and
all-electric powertrains for commercial vehicles ranging from light-duty
trucks to semis. If electric cars are going to have any mass market success
in America, it's inevitable that all-electric ...

Renault Trucks will start selling electric trucks in 2019
January 31, 2018  Renault Trucks has announced that it will launch a range
of electric vehicles in 2019. This range capitalizes on the experience
gleaned from ten years of testing electric trucks in real-life conditions
with its customer-partners. These all-electric trucks are designed for use
in urban and peri-urban areas and will be produced at ...

GM Embraces Schizophrenia: One Company For Electric Cars In ...
February 5th, 2018  One will manufacture electric and autonomous cars for
world markets in China, and the other will continue to grind out humongous
fossil-fueled trucks and SUVs for the domestic (US) market. Some may find
that thought depressing, but at least certain parts of the world will reap
the rewards of zero emissions transportation even if ...

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