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EVLN: Tesla-S P100D passes crash tests> FIA OK's racing e-GT
Tesla racing championship Electric GT gets green light from FIA after Model
S P100D passes crash tests
Feb. 1st 2018  The vehicle was supposed to debut at their first official
race in November, but it was delayed and instead replaced by a “Day of
Light” event during which they made several announcements and unveiled the
supporting events around their championship, like a virtual reality race and
e-kart race. But now with FIA's approval, ...

EVLN: Halbach near-monopole e-motor> Focused Magnetics
Can a Better Electric Motor Save the Planet?
By harnessing this 'near-monopole' energy, Catalan says an electric vehicle
using a production version of his new motor would travel nearly twice as far
as a conventional motor on the same set of batteries. Conversely, his motor
in its final form would provide nearly twice as much power or torque as a
conventional motor ...

Guys Mod Tiny Kid's Car Into 45MPH Electric Deathtrap (v)
February 1, 2018  
This is a video (it's in German, turn subtitles on) ...
Wir bauen einen 15 PS Motor in unser BOBBYCAR! | 0-70km/h in 3 SEKUNDEN!

Dope: They Got A Version Of Pimp My Rides For Little Kids!
KidStance customizes electric car …

Stuff We Drifted in Our Office: Actev Arrow Electric Go-Kart Tested
2018/02/07  And guess what? It was awesome. Actev Motors, a Silicon
Valley–based company, released the Arrow in 2016 to fill a gap in the
children’s electric-car market, which lacked a vehicle appropriate for
five-to-nine-year-olds. (It’s ...

UK electric motor maker expands capacity as carmakers go green
January 31, 2018 - LONDON (Reuters) - British electric motor manufacturer
YASA said on Thursday it was increasing its production capacity from 2,000
to 100,000 units with a new factory to tap into growing demand from
carmakers for greener technologies. Britain's Secretary of State for
Business Greg Clark talks ...

Tesla Model X Crosses the Sahara Desert to Set a First for Electric Cars
Feb 7, 2018  We're not entirely sure what they set out to demonstrate, but
we do know they …

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