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EVLN: $10k Ampere1 3wheeler EV r:160/240km
ampere motor's convertible fuses an electric car with the spirit of
Jan 31, 2018  los angeles-based startup ampere motor starts production of a
sporty electric three-wheeled convertible. technically speaking, the ampere
'one' is a three-wheeled car, and depending on country of residence it can
be classified as a motorcycle. its unique, low-slung form is a shade similar
to the polaris 'slingshot', and the ...

EVLN: Honda 2Wheelers.in PCX e-concept showcased @Auto-Expo 2018
February 02, 2018  It will showcase a total of 11 new models at the Expo,
and will debut its exciting product line-up for 2018. It will showcase a
total of 11 new models at the Expo, and will debut its ... Honda is planning
to showcase its latest electric vehicle (EV) concept - the PCX Electric
scooter. The concept will be making its first-ever appearance in India after
its global ...

Nissan Leaf EV to go on sale in Thailand
February 07, 2018  Nissan regional senior vice president Yutaka Sanada said
the company is working to bring the new generation of the world's
best-selling electric vehicle to as many markets as possible. “The new
Nissan Leaf is the most advanced, yet accessible 100 per cent electric
vehicle on the planet,” Sanada said. “This ingenuous car ...

Tesla, Car Dealers Clash At Capitol Hearing On Electric Vehicle Sales
January 30, 2018  Lawmakers heard testimony Tuesday on a proposal that would
allow electric car manufacturer Tesla to open dealerships and sell directly
to consumers in Wisconsin. A decades-old state law bars direct sales by
carmakers. Supporters of the measure argue allowing Tesla to set up
dealerships in Wisconsin will boost the ...

Alta Motors' electric motorbikes are ready for the mainstream
February 1, 2018  Alta Motors is one of the most exciting names in the
burgeoning electric motorcycle market. By focusing its efforts on building
off-road-focused electric bikes, it has been able to skirt the image
problems suffered by other two-wheeled EV manufacturers and produce a
compelling product that more than ...

Alta Motors unveils new 2018 electric motorcycle, lowers prices and ...
Feb. 1st 2018  “While the costs of combustion vehicles are essentially flat
to purchasing power, electric is still moving down the cost curve and is now
a clear contender in terms of performance. Now that we've reached price
parity and our vehicles outperform combustion in nearly every category, our
plans are to bring electrics into the ...

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