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EVLN: Audi E-tron testing on public Geneva.ch streets r:310mi
Audi E-tron to test in public this week on streets of Geneva
Audi's engineers will move testing for the E-tron onto the public streets of
Geneva this coming week to build anticipation ahead of the all-electric
SUV's arrival. A fleet of vehicles will be driven around the city's central
areas, passing hotspots including its university and art history museum
along the way. The cars will be just ...

EVLN: diy 1988 Fiero GT EV (4sale on eBay) (v)
This Fiero Is The Electric Sports Car You Should Buy Right Now
20180304 ... a 1988 Fiero GT serving as a daily driven battery electric
vehicle. The seller, an avid Fiero enthusiast, built this car as his own
zero emissions commuter in late 2011, and has racked up 63,000 electric
miles since, proving that it is not only a ...

This Glorious Madman Stuffed A Tesla Drivetrain Into A 1981 Honda Accord
20180302 ... from 0 to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds
 ...  using drivetrain bits from a Tesla Model S P85 ...

Tesla Gigafactory 1 hosts ‘Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day’
March 1, 2018  Considering the nature of the event, many of Tesla’s
followers in the microblogging platform lauded the electric car maker for
taking part in the initiative …

Sending an electric bakkie into space is Tesla's marketing ...
2018-03-07  ... Musk ... generated significant interest and orders ... he
sent a car into space ... The stunt made headlines around the world, and was
one of the most far-reaching advertising messages ever ... was enough to
distract investors ...

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