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EVLN: (2020 vw pr fluff)> 111kWh auton id-vizzion concept r:413mi
VW unveils new ID electric sedan: 111 kWh battery pack, self-driving ...
Mar. 5th 2018  Ahead of the Geneva Auto Show today, Volkswagen unveiled the
latest car of a series of electric vehicle concepts that serve as the basis
of its new generation of production electric vehicles coming in 2020. The
new I.D. VIZZION features a 111 kWh battery pack, self-driving technology,
and more ...

EVLN: Electronauts.ca Buying EVs in Bulk2 $ave
People Are Buying Electric Cars in Bulk to Get Cheaper Prices
Mar 5 2018  Last year was the best on record globally for electric vehicle
sales, as bigger batteries, longer ranges, a greater diversity of makes and
models—and yes, Tesla's influence— propelled the EV market to new heights.
InsideEVs.com reported 1.2 million plug-in cars were sold around the world
last year, with a notable jump in ...

It’s Way Too Hard to Buy an Electric Car in Canada

Electric-assist trike pilot program rolls out across UBC campus
Feb 28, 2018  'It's as though a car and a bike had a baby,' says Veemo
project manager ... He and some grad students are interested in how electric
vehicles like these displace other modes of transportation. "Ideally we want
to get people out of private cars, for the most part, so we want to look at
how many of these Veemos are displacing auto trips, instead of walking and
cycling trips," ... The Veemo vehicles didn't originally have windshield
wipers, but they were recently added after some testing through the rainy
months ...

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