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EVLN: Page's Kitty-Hawk certifying.nz auton-flying e-taxis r:100km ts:150kph
Larry Page's Fully Electric, Self-Flying Air Taxi 'Cora' Is Being Tested ...
Mar 16, 2018  Kitty Hawk, a company funded by Google co-founder Larry Page,
recently uploaded a video on YouTube demonstrating the ongoing tests of a
new kind of self-flying air taxi in New Zealand ... this air taxi, dubbed
“Cora,” is 100 percent electric and can cover a distance of about 100
kilometers ...

EVLN: Nanoengineer regenerates used/spent li-ion cathodes
New way to recycle lithium-ion batteries could be a lifeline for electric
cars and the environment
Mar 16, 2018 ... The cathodes in the lithium-ion batteries typically used in
electric vehicles are made of metal oxides that contain cobalt, a metal
found in finite supplies and concentrated in one of the globe's more
precarious countries ... assistant professor at UC San Diego says he has
developed a way to recycle used cathodes from spent lithium-ion batteries
and restore to perform as well as they did when new ...

Mahindra to make Pininfarina high-end, EV-only brand
Mar 17, 2018  Last year, Mahindra chairman Anand Mahindra revealed plans for
an electric supercar with a Pininfarina emblem. The model is still at the
embryonic stage of development, but he strongly suggested the model will be
sold in the United States. Don't expect either model to arrive before the
turn of the decade, though ...

BGE rolls out electric buses for employee shuttle service
2018/03/19 ... employees from one location to another, but will also serve
as active research lab that will help us plan for and build out the
infrastructure necessary to support other fleets across our service area.”
BGE will also look to learn from the buses. The company will look to take
lessons in implementing electric vehicles statewide.

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