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EVLN: Zorrilla's Tesla-3 west2east-Cannonball-Run record
Seminole man breaks cross country record in a Tesla
April 3, 2018  SEMINOLE — Dan Zorrilla has always been a self-described "car
guy." Growing up, he had subscriptions to car magazines, and could recognize
the make, model and engine type of most cars he saw on the road. So, when
Tesla began manufacturing electric cars, Zorrilla became intrigued ...

EVLN: A123 Li-ion goes Solid-state
Veteran Battery Producer A123 Systems Invests In Solid-State Battery
Development With Ionic Materials
April 3rd, 2018  Back then, the company's cells were used in the amazing
electric motorcycle (e-motorcycle) dragster called the KillaCycle. Since
then, much has happened and changed at the batterymaker, and this latest
announcement shows it is still going forward and pushing electric vehicles
(EV) ...

Why I traded my Chevy Bolt EV for a Tesla: one reader's story
Apr 5, 2018  As a nation, the U.S. takes lots of road trips, because most of
the country has no viable mass transit between city pairs. If electric cars
are ever to enter the mass market in North America, they have to be usable
on those road trips. Last year, our reader Jay Lucas of Alexandria,
Virginia, wrote an account of his road trip in a ...

Waste Management NZ redefines the 'tidy Kiwi' with electric vehicles
April 03, 2018  Waste Management MD Tom Nickels says, “Our investment in the
EV workshop will create a knowledge centre for EV conversion in New Zealand
and will help us move towards our long-term goal of a fleet of fully
electric vehicles. “Our conversion partner EMOSS in the Netherlands has
provided the kitsets and knowledge ...

EVtheft: Tesla-S thief ditches in river.ca> leaves bag of onions
Tesla Model S thief ditches electric car in river, leaves bag of onions
April 8, 2018 - A paddler from Langley, Canada recently came upon a rather
strange sight — a stolen (Ti-silver) Tesla Model S floating on a river ...
thief appears to have left a big bag of onions inside the electric sedan.
The incident transpired early Wednesday last week ...

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