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EVLN: Lucid's ts:235mph EV> Speed limiters are party-poopers
Without Telsa-Like Protective Features, The Lucid Air Just Managed To Hit
235 MPH
April 3, 2018 ... Lucid Motors ... managed to hit a top speed of 235 mph ...
it did it without a speed limiter, but any car that can push 235 mph is
impressive, regardless ... EV or not ...

EVLN: Campagna.ca T-Rex 3whl 2seat EV r:200mi
Campagna plans electric T-Rex
Apr 5, 2018  The Canadian firm on Thursday said it tapped California's Zero
Motorcycles to source a powerplant for the electric T-Rex, which will be
shown in prototype form at the 2018 Montreal Electric Vehicle Show starting
April 20. For its gasoline-powered models, Campagna turned to companies like
BMW and Harley-Davidson for ...

Fastest delivery drone in the world
April 06, 2018  autonomous fixed-wing ... aircraft is ... flyzipline.com
Zipline's logistics system ... improves ... launch, autonomous flight, and
landing ... will decrease ... time between ... receipt of an order and
launch of a fulfilment flight from 10 to 1min, increase ... daily delivery
flights ... from 50 to 500, and expand the radius of each distribution
center …

Pininfarina H500 Sedan Teased Ahead Of Beijing Show
Apr 09, 2018 ... a conservative concept by Italian standards ... Called the
H500, the electric design concept is the second car introduced by the famed
design studio this year ... Pininfarina introduced the HK GT, a sleek,
electric vehicle with massive gullwing doors. The new H500 comes after the
automaker ...

EVent: EVs @Tucson EVA presentation> Mayor&Ford-dealer sponsor
Tucson group makes presentation on electric cars
They roared into town the afternoon of April 6, but they hardly made a
sound. That’s because their cars were electrics. Members of the Tucson
Electric Vehicle …

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