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EVLN: 3D Printed Hackrod& Siemens Fun AI,VR Electric Roadster (v)
Hackrod & Siemens Unveil Fun Electric Roadster Made of AI, Virtual Reality,
& 3D Printing
April 6th, 2018 ... (EV) technology is maturing today, and it's a much more
mainstream concept than it was a few years ago. I remember going to auto
shows a decade ago and hearing people ask where the engine is. We would
often hear things like. “Yes, I know it's electric, but where's the engine?”

EVLN: e-tron Vision Gran Turismo 1off-proto market-campaign (v)
Audi reveals new e-tron Vision Gran Turismo
9 April 2018  Originally conceived as a virtual race car for the 15th
anniversary of the Gran Turismo video game on Sony's PlayStation 4, the
e-tron Vision Gran Turismo has been turned into reality by Audi as part of a
marketing campaign built around its new e-tron electric car sub-brand. The
one-off prototype, constructed at Audi's ... Audi R8 RWS V10 vs Porsche 911
GT3 - 2018 ...

BP To Add Electric Vehicle Charge Points At Its Service Stations
11 Apr 2018  The synergies are clear - why shouldn't owners of electric cars
have the same convenience as those still using combustion-engine vehicles?
Service stations, as we all know, are more than just outlets to fill up your
car - they serve as modern-day convenience stores, too. The plan from BP to
implement a rollout of FreeWire ...

Tesla Model 3 vehicles get imported in Germany for a fleet of rental cars
Apr. 10th 2018 ... number of Tesla Model 3 vehicles going on the used market
in the US and quickly being purchased by resellers in order to be exported
to other markets where the vehicle is not available yet. Now a car rental
company in Germany even bought 3 Model 3 vehicles for their fleet ...

Kia developed a wireless charging system for the Soul EV electric ...
Apr. 11th 2018  The driver simply parks the car above the transmitter to
begin charging and then energy is sent through an inductive coupling to an
electrical device, which uses that energy to charge the electric vehicles'
battery. The system is so efficient it will allow some misalignment between
the transmitter and the receiver, making it ...

EVhistory: ice range anxiety a 100yrs ago> EVs' charge anywhere advantage
Gasoline range anxiety 100 years ago made electric-car charging ...
Apr 15, 2018  Electric cars have the great advantage that their batteries
can be recharged anywhere there's electricity. It may not be particularly
fast, though modern plug-in vehicles get at least 60 miles overnight, and
often double or triple that. But a century ago, drivers of gasoline cars had
... range anxiety ...

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