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EVLN: GM requires a Bolt EV pack software patch/recalibration
Chevy Bolt battery problem is an electric vehicle nightmare
2018-04-19  General Motors isn't calling it a recall, but Chevy Bolt
electric vehicle owners are being notified about a battery problem that is
affecting some of its cars on the road in what can only be described as an
EV nightmare. For a "small percentage" of the 30,000 Bolt vehicles in use,
the battery is not properly energized and the car ...

EVLN: (pr-stunt) Schaltwerk MWatt storm zaps E-Tron r:400km (v)
Audi E-Tron Prototype Zapped with Electrical Storm
In a highly appropriate publicity stunt, given the nature of the car, Audi
sent their new electric SUV to Siemens Schaltwerk (Switchgear) plant in
Berlin ...

Drive EVs to 'stop war' - Flip the Fleet
24 April, 2018  Buying an electric vehicle can help the world to avoid war.
Well, Flip the Fleet didn't expect that when they polled owners of electric
vehicles this month on their reasons for buying an EV. But the respondent
was adamant: "Oil played a huge part almost all wars since WW2. The Syrian
war today is an oil war," referring to the way both the West and Russia have
an interest in oil pipelines going through Syria. This comment was one of
many from owners who drive electric cars partly to escape the oil industry’s
power, and its impact on our economy and environment ...

Hyundai IONIQ Electric Charges 50% Quicker From 175 kW Charger
April 10, 2018 ... IONIQ Electric can be charged 50% quicker (to 80%) from
the higher power chargers than from an ordinary [L3] 50 kW unit ... the car
itself can accept 60-70 kW …

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