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EVLN: 2Mg/4.4k-lb Senna e-racer>'not a McLaren'= not good enough
McLaren is testing an EV – but it doesn't think it's good enough
5 May 2018  McLaren is testing an all-electric prototype, the firm's sale
and marketing boss has admitted at the Beijing motor show – but the numbers
don't stack up. 'We're running a project development prototype electric
vehicle,' explained Jolyon Nash. 'We need to understand how an EV can
possibly deliver a McLaren driving ...

EVLN: 1200mi duo MN gals' UT Tesla-trip (v)
'Minnesota millennials' road trip with a Tesla
May 6, 2018 ... trip is part of the Stearns Electric Association's
participation in a nationwide program called Touchstone Energy Cooperative's
Drive to CONNECT EVent  Neither Groethe or Ditlevson have ever driven an
electric vehicle ...  embark on a cross-country road trip to Salt Lake City,
Utah ...

An 83-year old just drove across the country in his Tesla Model 3 and loved
May 04, 2018  He was now free of all responsibility and decided to embark on
a journey that was always a dream of his — he would drive across the country
in his very first all-electric vehicle, from Fremont, CA to Vero Beach, FL,
where Wesley was born and raised. He set up a month-long visit with close
friends and family that he hadn’t seen in year …

(Slow to embrace anything new)
A flock of electronic scooters descending on Austin
May 6th, 2018  Seemingly overnight, Austin was buzzing with electric
scooters last month ... to forestall a predictable and unmanageable swamping
of our streets with thousands …

EVcrash: 33yrold Electric-skateboarder vs ice.au = 1 fatality
Rider dies after electric skateboard collides with car
9 May 2018  Rider dies after electric skateboard collides with car ... The
33-year-old rider suffered critical head injuries in the crash on the Robina
Parkway at Merrimac about ...
Man on skateboard dies in Gold Coast University Hospital ... Forensic Crash
Unit are continuing to investigate ...

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