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6 Months of Zero
May 6th, 2018  Where some electric cars seem to be hard to get your hands
on, getting a Zero was very easy. When purchasing an electric motorbike,
there isn't that much choice. I knew very soon it was going to be a Zero:
they are the only brand available in the Netherlands with a decent number of
service points, they have one of the ...

EVLN: Waited& found onlyusedtesla.com easier | love-letter ad
Pre-Owned Tesla In Your Future? One Owner's Story
May 6th, 2018  He was well versed in electric vehicles, having leased an
electric Ford Focus for the three years prior to his purchase of the Model
S. Although it had the battery with the least overall range, any “facelift”
Model S 60 kWh was actually built with a 75 kWh battery, the balance of
which could be “opened up” for a nominal fee of ...

Curtiss Motorcycles presents new dual motor Zeus electric motorcycle concept
10 May 2018  At the 2018 Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel, California
this week, Curtiss Motorcycles unveiled its powerful new dual motor Zeus
electric motorcycle ... equipped with a 14.4 kWh battery pack ...

(Midlife-Crisis-Scarlet-Red Tesla-S P100D love-letter ad)
Tesla owner sends off his used Model S P100D with epic love letter
May 6, 2018  A Tesla owner from San Diego, CA has decided to part ways with
his Model S P100D in the most epic way possible, crafting an extensive,
expressive love letter dedicated to the electric car as he listed it in the
used vehicle market. The 2016 Model S P100D is currently listed [
https://onlyusedtesla.com/listings/?sf_paged=18 ] ...

EVent: Free EV test drive @Schubert Centre 7-9p 5/24 Vernon.ca
Revved up over electric cars
May 13, 2018 ... Participants will have a chance to take an electric vehicle
for a test drive, hop on an electric bike and check out a number of solar
and wind displays ...

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