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EVLN: 1yr WA Bolt review> features,complaints,verdict
One year with the Chevrolet Bolt EV: Takeaways from my immersion into
all-electric driving
May 5, 2018  We took a number of long-ish trips over the last year that
would not be possible in most other “mass market” electric cars, including
trips to Leavenworth (203 miles round trip), Vancouver, WA (195 miles
one-way), Port Orchard (110 miles round trip), and La Conner, (95 miles
round trip). The Bolt EV performed flawlessly ...

EVLN: magnax.com Axial flux e-motors.be> More Powerful& Smaller
New Axial Flux Electric Motors Pack More EV Power In A Smaller Package
May 6, 2018  Axial flux motors, on the other hand, offer the lowest possible
copper loss … Electric motors are the beating heart of any electric vehicle,
and thanks to a startup in Belgium, your next EV’s motor could be stronger,
smaller and more efficient …

What's an inexpensive electric vehicle that can handle Canadian ...
May 6, 2018 ... If you're thinking about an electric car, I'd suggest
getting it now: The Ontario government subsidy is
$14,000 on a purely electric car (called a BEV, or battery electric
vehicle), which is the most generous in North America, by far. Incentives
are available in Quebec and British Columbia, too. But who knows how ...

Hyundai Kite Electric Buggy Concept Transforms Into a Single-Seater Jet Ski
April 26, 2018  Hyundai Kite Electric Buggy Concept is the result from
cooperation between and 15 IED transportation designer master’s course
students. This two-seater concept vehicle offers dual mobility solution
where user can convert it into a single-seater jet ski …

EVcrash: She ran-red-light looking @phone> Tesla& UT-firetruck collided
Tesla driver says car was in autopilot when it crashed at 60mph
14 May 2018  The Tesla driver's claim that the car was using the autopilot
technology has raised fresh questions about the electric car company's
semi-autonomous system, which is ... The exact cause of the crash, which
left the driver with a broken ankle ...

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