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EVLN: Bolt handled& held up well during 3+hr NY autocross
I drove an electric car for the first time under intense conditions ...
June 3, 2018  I drove an electric vehicle, a Chevy Bolt, for the first time
on an autocross course. ... A Chevy Bolt is not the first car you might
think to use on an autocross track ...

EVLN: Tesla-owners.au fill the gaps> create own charging network
Tesla owners team up to create charging network in Australia
Jun. 5th 2018  With large regions being only scarcely populated, electric
vehicle charging networks in Australia often leave large gaps between
charging stations. Tesla owners ...

Porsche: Mission E doesn’t aim to be a Tesla killer, it aims to be a ‘real
Jun. 6th 2018  Porsche is still gradually marketing its Mission E electric
vehicle a full year ahead of going into production. Stefan Weckbach, Head of
the BEV Model Series at ...

TomTom's groundbreaking EV service wins TU-Automotive Award
June 6, 2018  The service to take home the title was TomTom's Electric
Vehicle (EV) Service – which is designed to help drivers make informed
decisions about when ...

EVjacking: thwarted, she put gun2 driver's head> fled on foot (v)
Missouri man's electric car thwarts would-be carjackers
June 6, 2018  ST. LOUIS, Mo. ... "Dan Dan The Driving Man," said he thought
his life was over on the weekend of May 19 as he was recharging his electric
vehicle at a station on South Grand ... can charge his vehicle in 30 minutes
as opposed to 4 to 6 hours at his home. “A female put a gun to my head and
another one over here and a man coming in on the right. I had three guns
pointed at me. They said, ‘Give us your car and your money or we’ll shoot
you,’” ... (video  flash)

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