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EVLN: EVs With The Biggest kWh Packs
Electric Cars With The Biggest Batteries
JUN 2 2018  Come count kilowatt-hours with us. As lithium battery cells are
produced in growing quantities, and research into improving them continues,
they’re become cheaper and more energy dense. These changes mean the
batteries …

EVLN: Zedd sez Tesla Autopilot woke him up= saved his life
Music producer Zedd shares story about how Tesla Autopilot 'probably ...
Jun 2, 2018  In a recent Twitter post, music producer Anton Zaslavski has a
shared a story about how the 'Autopilot' semi-autonomous driver assist
system of his Tesla electric ...

Honda partners with General Motors to co-develop batteries
Jun 7th 2018  Honda and General Motors have announced a partnership to
jointly develop battery cells and modules for electric vehicles. The
companies want their next-generation batteries to have higher energy density
in a smaller packaging, with faster charging ...

The FAA Expects to Maintain High Safety Standards for eVTOLs
6/7  Uber has already said it hopes to support the testing of a new electric
vertical takeoff and landing vehicle in both the Los Angeles and the
Dallas/Fort …

EVfire: carowinds.com e-bumpercar erupts FLAMES Charlotte-NC (v)
Father catches the moment a bumper car erupts in FLAMES ...
Jun 5, 2018 A bumper car at a Charlotte amusement park caught fire as
children waiting to get on the electric vehicles looked on - and it was
captured ...

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