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EVLN: Green-WashDCr EV-feather-foot whines> didn't use plugshare.com
A Shocking Story of Electric-Car Life
... my recent drive in a Volkswagen e-Golf ... marveling ... instantly
available torque made it the best ... for the cut-and-thrust ... My wife’s
cousins ... are about as green as they come ... It felt more like range
panic ... Tesla? ... they’re very, very dear ...

EVLN: Tesla pickup will get 'crazy' features | Tesla-3 selfparks
Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Electric pickup truck will have 'crazy' features
Jun 26, 2018 - Tesla pickup will get 'crazy' features, Musk says … The Tesla
Truck will have dual motor all-wheel drive w crazy torque & … a high-tech
suspension that dynamically adjusts for load … enables a smooth ride … will
be standard …

Electric corridor along Utah's I-15 now fully charged
Jun 30th, 2018  Rocky Mountain Power, in conjunction with Utah Clean Air
Partnership and Maverik, announced Friday the completion of an electric
vehicle corridor along I-15 ...

Tesla adds autonomous parking to Model 3
6 July 2018  This feature expands the Tesla Model 3's autonomous driving
abilities, allowing ... vehicle to park itself. Using Summon, ... Model 3
remotely drive into an open parking spot and power down, even controlling
smart garage doors ...

Tesla EV production/wk: 4000,5000,6000,7000,8000 (&climbing)
Production Over/Under Around 4,500 Cars Per Week ... rate of 5,000 per week
... 6000 Model 3's ... Wow: Tesla just built 7000 cars in a week ... on
target to boost that to 8,000 ...

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