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EVLN: Unhappy Leaf'rs.uk misled> Nissan sez:rtfm r:unrealistic c:erratic
Electric car buyers claim they were misled by Nissan
Owners of Nissan’s new electric Leaf say they were given misleading
information about the car before buying it. They say charging the Leaf can
take three times longer than claimed on Nissan’s website. Others are …

EVLN: Tesla-3 "On The Fly" Manufacturing& tent production line
Scrambling to turn out its first mass-market electric car, the automaker set
up multiple assembly lines and is changing production processes on the …

Exide, Leclanché form JV to build lithium-ion batteries for EV market India
29 June 2018  As a result of this unique combination, the JV is ideally
positioned to be a leading provider of storage solutions for electric
vehicles and energy storage ...

Tesla opens up Model 3 test drives for the first time
Jul 06 2018 ... Model-3 customers to come in, kick the tires, and then take
the all-electric car for a ... (video  flash)

Bird e-scooter held-hostage: Rider Crashed Into BMW& Ran Away (v)
The crash broke off the side mirror and caused $1,600 in damage
Jun 19, 2018  A Pacific Beach woman says she is holding a rental electric
scooter hostage until the ... scooter crashed into her car and then took
off, leaving $1,600 in damage ...
(video  flash)

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