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EVLN: EVTEC.ch confirmed 60kWh Leaf prototype L3 charging @102kW
Nissan Leaf prototype with new 60 kWh battery pack leaked fast-charging at
102 kW
2018/07/06  Those details are still unconfirmed, but it appears to be solid.
Now Swiss electric car charging station maker EVTEC confirms ...

EVLN: Lucid beats Tesla-S P100D record @Laguna (ts:350kph)
Lucid Motors beats record at Laguna race trackā€¦ with a Tesla Model ...
2018/07/03  For electric vehicles in the 'Production GT' category, Lickfold
broke previous records set by former Tesla engineer Aaron Bailey in 2013 in
a Model S P85+ with a ...

Chevy Volt's Liquid Cooled Battery vs Nissan Leaf's Air Cooled Battery: 2
Jul 7 2018  Chevrolet and Nissan use two different systems to cool their
electric cars' batteries. Chevy is using the liquid to cool its batteries in
Chevy Volt pih and Chevy Bolt EVs ...

Lucid Motors factory in Casa Grande drives closer to a reality
Jul 3, 2018  The two-year time frame comes from the estimated time and cost
it will take to begin producing the Lucid Air model at the Casa Grande
facility. The electric car ...

EVent: EVS33 EDTA 6/14-17/2020 Portland-OR
Jun 20, 2018  International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition ... a
pretty big EV conference

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