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EVLN: Teslafied drifting EV-West BMW M3 (w/ Tesla-S e-motor Kit)
Check Out This Tesla-Powered Electric Drift Car
JUL 3 2018  It's been less than a month since we re-introduced you to the
BMW M3 from EV West that is now powered by a motor pulled from a Tesla ...
(Sideways is always best!)

EVLN: $78k Performance_Edition Tesla-3 0-60mph:3.5s r:310mi ts:155mph (v)
Tesla Model 3: Performance Edition Skidpad Tested In Incredible Video
20180706  The Tesla Model 3 is about to get a whole lot faster. The $78,000
performance edition of the company’s cheapest-ever electric ...

Tesla shares video of drifting Model 3 Performance during skidpad testing
July 6, 2018  The short clip, which was uploaded by the Silicon Valley
carmaker on Twitter, featured the high-performance variant of the compact
electric car burning rubber and drifting around what appears to be a closed
area of the company’s test track ...

European debut of Tesla Model 3 at Goodwood
8th Jul 2018  The American electric carmaker will present its new
entry-level model at the Goodwood Festival of Speed  It will, however, give
people in the UK and Europe their first chance to get up close to the new
electric car. In the UK the Model 3 is expected to go up against the ...

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