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EVLN: Multiple HarleyD e-motorcycles> livewire to lightweight e-scooters
Harley Davidson announces plans for multiple electric motorcycles and even
an electric bicycle
Jul. 30th 2018 ... the company appears to be doubling down ... by announcing
a new lineup of electric motorcycles ... target a younger, more urban
audience ...

EVLN: Johansen queued4 600hp Taycan.no> thinks his Tesla-S 2tame
Tesla Owner Finds Model S Too Family-Oriented, Pre-Orders A Porsche Taycan
July 26, 2018  If you want to make it as an electric car manufacturer, you
need to have Norway on your side ... One reservation holder, and Tesla
owner, reveals how he got to secure one of the first Taycan EVs ... electric
Taycan is still being developed, Porsche is ... targeting not only people
with money, but influencers as well ...

5 electric motorbikes that’ll speed you into hog heaven
20180721  Looking like one of the race bikes from Akira, the Energica Ego is
the world’s first Italian street-legal electric motorcycle ...

Tesla Model 3 buyers trade in these five cars more than any others
Aug. 1, 2018 ...  top five cars that Model 3 buyers this year have traded in
... an older Tesla ... Prius, the BMW 3 Series, the Honda Accord, the Honda
Civic and the Nissan Leaf ...

UC sez the dangers posed by the electric vehicles
Electric scooters on collision course with pedestrians and lawmakers
Jul 18, 2018  There was a crash and minor injuries to the rider, but a
tragedy was avoided. I consider this event a warning about the dangers posed
by the electric vehicles

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