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EVLN: Hoo boy> How Far Can You Push an EV Battery?
Just How Far Can You Push an Electric Car Battery?
Jul 31, 2018  There are people out there who straight up think if you crash
an electric car you'll be flooded with battery acid. Hoo boy, my friends;
clearly none of them are ...

EVLN: .008gm of carcinogenic cadmium per VW-EVSE> 124k recall headaches
Volkswagen threatens recall of 124000 electric cars
Bridie Schmidt on 1 August 2018
A charger containing traces of cadmium is causing headaches for Volkswagen,
which says that because of the presence of the carcinogenic metal, the
German ...

The battery: the heart of an electric vehicle
July 26, 2018 Battery technology will play a major role in product
development across all sectors of the automotive industry with the continual
drive to reduce vehicle emissions ...

Con Edison and National Grid Want to Help You Buy an Electric Car
July 19, 2018  As utilities stare down a future of flat or declining
electricity consumption, electric vehicles offer a glimmer of hope. If
customers suddenly need to buy electricity to ...

Join a gym to have EVSE access, shop where you can charge
The search for a plug drives most electric car owners into a frenzy
August 3, 2018  Electric car owners are desperate for places to charge. When
my friend, Robert, an EV owner, told me he has a membership at LA Fitness
that gives him EVSE access ...

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