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EVLN: Automakers' non-committal advertising 2their EV-commitment>
(production 2low)
Automakers are still not advertising their electric vehicles, study shows
Sep. 3rd 2018  automakers are still simply not advertising their electric
vehicles ...

EVLN: Mercedes' fake-address 2trick4 DHL EV test> (not smart)
Mercedes Caught ‘Borrowing’ DHL’s Electric Delivery Truck, Using It On Test
August 31, 2018  Automakers ... keep tabs on rivals ... Mercedes went to
unusual lengths to get a hold ... of a delivery EV ...

How Many Progressives Have Been Duped By Anti-Tesla, Anti-EV Propaganda?
September 2nd, 2018  Another thing to remember: Dozens of oil & gas
billionaires, automotive billionaires, and coal billionaires are under
threat from the electric vehicle and solar ...

Autonomous grocery delivery trial
September 03, 2018  AutoX' has launched a grocery delivery Pilot program in
California. The grocery delivery and mobile store pilot in San Jose allows
users to order and receive fresh produce and other goods, which will be
delivered by ... self-driving EVs. Arriving in time for the autumn harvest
season, this new amenity will be available to customers in geo-fenced areas
near San Jose, with regular expansions every few weeks ...

Ontario EV rebate still quashed, but wind-down includes Tesla
Ford government does U-turn, expands electric vehicle rebates for Tesla
Aug 31, 2018  The Ontario government says it will not appeal a Superior
Court decision in favour of Tesla Motors Canada over the cancellation of
electric vehicle rebates.

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