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EVLN: (spied)> 'the wonderful little' BMW iX3 (w/ less camo) (v)
BMW iX3 EV spied with little camo
We liked what we saw when BMW showed off its electric iX3 crossover concept
at the Beijing Motor Show earlier this year ...

EVLN: Whitten's terrific Porsche4hitler-conversion c:L2-3kW+j1772
Me & My Car: ’68 VW Bug, which owner bought new, goes electric
There is a fascinating history involving Volkswagen starting when Adolf
Hitler in 1938 called on Dr. Ferdinand Porsche ...

Electric cars in Europe pass one million mark
2018-08-27  The total number of electric cars in Europe has reached the
million mark, after sales increased by more than 40 percent in the first
half of the year, said a report ...
Report: Europe Buys Its Millionth Electric Vehicle
August 28, 2018  Europe has reportedly purchased a total of one million
electric vehicles. According to European electric vehicle sales figures kept
by EV Volumes ...

EVcrash: Leaf rear-ends Apple auton @15mph> human-guided missiles
@Cupertino-CA campus
Self-Colliding Cars? [human Leaf driver Crashes Auton Apple hev]
01.09.2018  A prototype autonomous vehicle manufactured by Apple Inc.
crashed with a ... before it was rear-ended by a driver in one of Nissan's
fully-electric Leaf cars ...

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