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EVLN: Google/Waymo fleet tapping 20k I-Pace EVs
Jaguar's first all-electric car will be in Waymo's self-driving car fleet
Oct 3, 2018  Here's the electric Jaguar that Waymo wants to turn into a
self-driving car  The first thing I noticed when entering the San Mateo
Event Center where I was introduced to the I-Pace was that the dual-electric
motor vehicle looks a lot ...

EVLN: $3.6M 1150HP Aspark Owl e-Hypercar r:300km ts:280kph 0-100kph:1.85s
Japan's Aspark Owl Electric Hypercar Now Has 1150 HP and Goes ...
2018-10-04  The seemingly ever-changing Aspark Owl electric hypercar is back
on the auto show circuit after its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in
2017. It showed up ...

Arcimoto begins new round of production on their 80 mph electric ‘Fun
Utility Vehicle’
Oct. 7th 2018  Oregon-based Arcimoto Inc has finished testing the first
production series of their three-wheeled electric vehicle. Now the company
is ready to move to ...

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