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EVLN: How to tell if an EV is (Hurricane)water damaged
Electric cars and floods — not like peas and carrots
Sep 30, 2018  After Hurricane Florence dumped more than two feet of rain in
parts of North Carolina people may be wondering what happens to electric
cars (EV) in floods and ...

EVLN: How solid state batteries are different> ($trolling?)
World's First Super Battery Prototype Successfully Developed- Electric Car
Revolution Coming Up and Sunset Industry for Oil and Gas Companies!
6 October 2018  2018 has been an amazing year for the progress of new
scientific breakthroughs. We live to witness the major leapfrog of another

Jaguar Says That EV Battery Size Has Peaked and Will Begin to Shrink
OCT 5 2018  He believes that the auto industry's feverish race to increase
the size of electric car battery packs—to thereby pump up driving range—will
soon be over ...

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