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EVLN: Subterranean (mining) EV goes underground/on the down-low
STEV is the next generation in fully electric mining vehicles
2018-10-26  STEV (subterranean electric vehicle) is an innovative fully
electric automobile and the next generation in mining vehicles, specifically
designed for the harsh ...

EVLN: 1949 Mercury Coupe Derelict meets Electric 2018
Icon’s Electric 1949 Mercury Coupe Has Tesla Batteries And Freight-Train
October 30, 2018  Icon has revealed the latest member of its Derelict
lineup, a 1949 Mercury Coupe that has been converted to electric power ...

Even the World's Biggest Miners Are Switching to Electric Vehicles
October 29, 2018  BHP Billiton Ltd.’s giant Olympic Dam mine in Australia’s
Outback is a labyrinth of 450 kilometers of tunnels and roads ...

EDEKA starts on-road test of the Mercedes-Benz eActros
October 25, 2018  Mercedes-Benz Trucks delivered a fully electric eActros
for on-road testing to EDEKA. The German retail association will be testing
a 25-tonne truck with refrigerated body for one year in Berlin, where it
will be used to transport fresh, temperature-sensitive foodstuffs in
Germany’s capital ...

Tesla right2repair Parts reality> not4 amateur grease monkeys
Tesla publishes the parts catalog for its electric cars
2018/10/29  Tesla has published its parts catalog, detailing all the
components for cars ranging from the original Roadster to the Model 3 ...

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