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EVLN: Hyundai& Kia pv-roof option> bldg-pv-roof charging= better
Hyundai and Kia unveil new solar roof to charge batteries in vehicles,
launching next year
Oct. 31st 2018  Electric vehicles enable owners to have more choices for the
sources of energy to power their vehicles. EV owners have been known to
adopt solar power at a ...

EVLN: Pouring sunshine straight into his Tesla-3> home-pv-roof charging (v)
Solar energy buff uses home to power Tesla
October 27, 2018  Work proudly shows off his new electric vehicle (EV),
powered by 29 solar panels recently installed on the roof of his home. (He
uses an EV charger to fill 'er up.).

Baidu, Volvo Partner Up For Electric Robo-Taxis In China
Nov 1, 2018,  The news came as part of a series of AI vehicles announcements
in Beijing at Baidu ... Third, Baidu will also work with Volvo Cars on
electric cars that car also ...

Tesla's pickup truck will be like something out of 'Blade Runner,' CEO Elon
Musk says
2 Nov 2018  The electric vehicle manufacturer unveiled early sketches of
what the pickup truck would look like last November, at an event held by the
firm where it unveiled ...

$70k Tesla-3p price slashed> perks 4buyers w/ pre-orders
Tesla slashes $70k price of Model 3 Performance but is forced to throw in
perks for buyers who had already rushed to spend $5k extra on enhanced
28 October 2018  Tesla slashes $70k price of Model 3 Performance but is
forced to throw in perks for buyers who had already rushed to spend $5k
extra on enhanced ...

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