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EVLN: 2019 Kia e-Niro EV impressions> substantial uavailable push (v)
Kia Releases Niro EV First Impressions Video
OCT 26 2018  Now, Kia's new all-electric crossover has made its way to the
2018 Paris Motor Show and many people are getting to see it in the flesh for
the first time ...

EVLN: VW wooing Ford’s pretty sad looking compliance EV lineup
VW Open To Sharing MEB Platform For Electric Vehicles With Ford
October 31, 2018  Ford's electric vehicle lineup is looking pretty sad these
days as your only choice is to pick up one of the few remaining Focus
Electric models that are only ...

Nio builds a battery swap station right next to a Tesla Supercharger
Nov. 1st 2018  Nio is ramping up its electric vehicle infrastructure effort
in China ... Several companies tried and failed at battery swapping. Tesla
had a battery swap system that they seemingly abandoned. NIO has a very
similar battery swap system, which they claim can autonomously replace a
battery pack on the ES8 in about 3 minutes. They want to deploy 1,100
battery swapping stations by 2020 and one of the first ones is going up
right next to a Tesla Supercharger station...

Proterra Teams With Thomas Built For Electric Schools Buses
OCT 30 2018  “The Saf-T-Liner® eC2 electric school bus powered by Proterra
represents Proterra's entrance into a new commercial vehicle sector, the
school bus market, and ...

EVcrash: 37lb/16.8kg Cape_Horn-WA boulder bashes through Tesla-3 windshield
Tesla owner evades tragedy after Model 3 gets hit by 37-pound boulder
November 3, 2018  Out of the blue, a 37-pound boulder crashed into his
electric car. The impact was massive, shattering a large part of the Model
3's windshield. The rock also bent ...

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