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EVLN: €20k Biomega SIN EV.dk launching in Shanghai.cn
Mobility experts Biomega develops SIN, Denmark’s first electric car
2018-11-03  Skibsted Ideation, the company behind Biomega – the Danish brand
known for its high-end electric bicycles – will launch its ...

EVLN: (Spotted)> Maruti-Suzuki EV hatchback Fleet in Gurgaon.in
Fleet of Maruti Suzuki EV's Spotted in Gurgaon
November 3, 2018  We see two of these electric vehicles roaming on the
highway bearing HR ... Maruti has a vision of launch EV's in the Indian
market by the year 2020, as a part of ...

Crowdfunded Electric Car Uniti Plans Crowdcube Campaign as it Expands into
November 5, 2018  Uniti, an electric car that was developed in Sweden ...
expands into the United Kingdom ... 240 km range, 130 km/h top speed, Dual
motors output of 120kW, 26 kWh battery pack, DC fast charging ...

Elon Musk shares early peek into LA's 'disturbingly long' EV tunnel
Nov 07, 2018  Los Angeles ... Boring Company's ... building underground
tunnels for electric vehicles ... The proof-of-concept will be open to
public on December 10 ... will theoretically use autonomous, electric
vehicles to move 8-16 people at speeds ranging from 124 mph to 155 mph ...

e-vehicle_tech workers kept> 40% old GM ice-tech= out
GM's job cuts mean new kind of worker needed
Nov. 6, 2018  "GM is signaling a change in vehicle technology. If they go
into electric more rapidly, then they do not need the same engineers they
have now," said Maryann ...
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