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EVLN: C_Two hyperEV Wind Tunnel Test ts:415kph 0-100kph:1.85s (v)
Watch This Hypnotic Wind Tunnel Test of the 1,888-HP Rimac C_Two Electric
November 27, 2018  Electric supercar builder and EV parts supplier Rimac
announced that it had recently conducted aerodynamic testing on a full-scale
model of its upcoming ...

EVLN: Crowdfunding Benoit DIY EV Repair Shop> not @$175/hr (v)
The Guy Behind Rich Rebuilds Wants to Open a DIY Tesla Repair Shop
The Guy Behind Rich Rebuilds Wants to Open a DIY Tesla Repair Shop
Nov 27 2018  Benoit runs the YouTube channel Rich Rebuilds where he
chronicles his adventures in repairing, upgrading, and modifying electric
vehicles. His most ambitious ...

(not the 1st)
First U.S. retailer to sell pre-owned electric and hybrid vehicles online is
located in Naperville
2018-11-30  The nation’s first online pre-owned electric and plug-in hybrid
vehicle retailer started this year in Naperville (naperville.il.us) ...
dealerships don’t yet have a full understanding of electric or hybrid
vehicles or their customers ...

(bidirectional EVSE)
Could electric cars help kill the duck?
November 30, 2018  Fermata Energy and Nissan introduce bi-directional
charging for the LEAF. This has interesting implications. Fermata Energy ...
the famous Duck Curve ... a Study shows that electric cars could help kill
the (grid energy load) duck, but Nissan and Fermata are getting serious ...

Fed complains about Fed's CAFE-std repeal which caused automakers to
“Inhumane”: a laid-off GM worker in Ohio responds to massive job cuts
Nov 29, 2018  GM produces electric cars, and buyers in the US can get a
federal tax break for purchasing one. So Trump threatened to cut those
subsidies for GM vehicles ...

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