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EVLN: Dealership.ca uses Tesla-3 to sell their EVs (v)
Racine Chevrolet In Quebec Is Using The Tesla Model 3 To Sell Electric
November 27th, 2018  The world’s fastest Tesla Model 3 is showcased and used
to sell other EVs at a new pre-owned EV dealership in Québec What? ...

EVLN: How Tesla AI sees &navigates the world (v)
What a self-driving Tesla sees: 360 degree video reveals exactly how Elon
Musk's electric car navigates the world
27 November 2018  ... 360 degree video reveals exactly how Elon Musk's
electric car navigates the world .... The crash on the US 101 killed the
driver, Walter Huang, 38, an Apple ...

Mazda EV won't look like an electric vehicle
30 Nov 2018  Mazda has confirmed its first fully-electric car will be a
stand-alone model, and not a variant within any of its existing pa...

Free Upper Keys FL nEV Ride Services
Free Ride! Upper Keys Gets Free Trial for Electric Vehicle Services
November 30, 2018 ... Miami-based electric transportation company Freebee
will be providing free rides within a section of the Upper Keys ... The
Freebee electric vehicle will begin transporting people in Upper Matecumbe
Key today ...
Free Oggo nEV Cincy rides in Cincinnati-OH (v
Nov 28 2018

EVs hitting an elephant.th will get stomped, destroyed & driver killed
A man has been killed by an elephant after his speeding car hit ... driver
was not from the area and failed to slow down when he encountered the
elephant ...

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