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EVLN: (vw-pr) €20k next-gen e-up! >(too-little,too-late) r-wltf:270km/168mi
Volkswagen e-up! Now Almost €4,000 Cheaper
Nov 5, 2018 - The slightly refreshed Volkswagen e-up! was in 2016 priced in
Germany from €26900. Now it will start from €22975 ...

EVLN: Samsung's $62M Auburn_Hills-MI EV pack factory> 400+ jobs
Samsung to build electric vehicle battery pack factory in Auburn Hills
Nov. 27, 2018  Samsung plans to build a $62 million electric vehicle battery
pack factory in Auburn Hills that will create more than 400 jobs...

Review: Orca Mark I is a powerful little folding crotch rocket electric
Nov. 30th 2018  The Orca Mark I by Singapore-based Voro Motors will go down
as one of the weirder little electric vehicles I've reviewed. But it's a
good weird, and I was ...

MyChevy App Reveals Juicy Technical Details On The Chevy Bolt Battery
DEC 1 2018  MyChevy App Reveals Juicy Technical Details On The Chevy Bolt
Battery ... how the Chevy Bolt EV calculates range, battery capacity loss
and charging speed.

Car Talk sez EV's big issue is battery failure
Car Talk: Electric cars a good, lower-maintenance option
20181201 ... I don’t think you’re missing anything ... issue is battery
failure ... electronic components, like computers, screens, safety systems
and sensors ... tires, shocks and wiper blades ...

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