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EVLN: Volvo Polestar2 4dr fastback-shape EV r:300mi
Volvo's New Polestar 2 EV Is Coming This Year with 400 HP and 300 Miles of
Jan 3, 2019  Volvo's new EV-focused Polestar division is wasting no time
fleshing out its lineup. A new fully electric vehicle called the Polestar 2
is coming sometime this year ...

EVLN: Neck-snapping 4kW drill-powered utility e-cart (v)
A Quartet of Drills Put The Spurs To This Electric Utility Vehicle
January 6, 2019  Low-slung body style. Four-wheel drive. All electric
drivetrain. Turns on a dime. Neck-snapping acceleration. Leather seating
surface ... Neck-snapping acceleration. Leather seating surface. Is it the
latest offering from Tesla? Nope; it's a drill-powered electric utility
vehicle, and it ...

California utilities will pay you to drive electric
December 28, 2018  In California ... SCE is offering $1000 to customers in
2019, while PG&E is offering $800 ... these utility-based offers ... open to
anyone who owns an electric car new or even if you buy a used electric
vehicle ...

Tesla Model 3 Performance stealthily destroys Ford Mustang GT ...
January 6, 2019  Tesla did not equip the Model 3 Performance with a feature
like Ludicrous Mode, but the vehicle's dual electric motors that produce a
combined 450 hp and 471 ...

The Electric tuk-tuk test> ... loves me, loves me not ...
Mother who reported her son missing has actually hidden him for five days in
a tuk tuk to test if her husband really loves them
Dec 6, 2018  The 33-year-old woman told her 11-year-old boy to hide in an
electric tuk tuk before calling the police last Friday, begging them to help
look for her 'missing son' ...

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