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EVLN: $30k HD LiveWire e-motorcycle opens a few eyes in August
No more rumble: Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle arrives in
August, costs more than $30,000
Jan 8, 2019  

EVLN: $45k atlismotorvehicles.com XT e-pickup r:500mi (vaporware?)
Atlis announces plans for XT electric pickup with 500 miles of range
January 8, 2019  Startup Atlis Motor Vehicles is planning to launch an
all-electric pickup truck called the XT. The company's ambitious plan is for
the truck to have up to 500 miles ...

Harley-Davidson LiveWire Specs Revealed
Jan 10, 2019 ... We don’t have the full list of stats for the LiveWire, but
Harley did give us a few juicy tidbits ... maker is hoping to change their
fortunes with the all-new LiveWire electric bike ...

Rivian R1T Is A Real Electric Pickup Truck, But Atlis XT Is Not
Jan 9, 2019  The countdown begins to see who can deliver and who is dreaming
... anybody who thinks the two companies are equally viable has been
inhaling emissions from a Ford F150. This head-to-head rundown should clear
things up ...

EVlawsuit: No car could have withstood this 118mph crash> NTSB shutdown
Tesla sued for death of 18-year-old in car accident, defective battery
2019-01-09  In Illinois today, a law firm announced they are filing a
lawsuit against Tesla to hold the electric car maker accountable for a teen
who died in an accident ...

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