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EVLN: J.Rogers’s Local 3Dprints your customized EV.us> nomadic résumé
An Ex-Marine Wants to Print Autonomous Vehicles for Your City
Feb 16, 2019  He was certain Silicon Valley venture capitalists would buy
in, but he soon found that the enormous investments flowing into early
electric-vehicle companies ...

EVLN: (spied) Tesla Semi e-truck acceleration on ramp (v)
Watch Tesla Semi electric truck accelerate on highway ramp unlike any other
Feb. 21st 2019  less about Tesla's electric semi truck program lately, but
the company is still testing the vehicle. A recent sighting of a Tesla Semi

Four Advantages Of Manufacturing EVs Over ICE Vehicles
FEB 17 2019  The first great advantage that electric vehicle manufacturers
have is the simple and yet powerful flexibility inherent in electric motors.
A four-wheeled EV can ...

Amazon will lead adoption of electric vehicles claims Morgan Stanley
2019-02-21  Amazon is set to lead the way in taking electric vehicles "to
the next level" because, as part of its carbon neutral initiative "Shipment
Zero", it will integrate the ...

EVcrash: Tree-head-on Tesla fire> 3+k gals of water poured (v)
Fiery Tesla Model X crash in Fremont leaves driver injured
February 18, 2019 - The driver of a Tesla Model X SUV survived what appeared
to be a high-speed crash in Fremont after smashing head-on into a tree on
Paseo ...

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