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EVLN: Legendary Minsk goes e-motorcycle in 2020
Legendary motorcycle “Minsk” became the electric
17.02.2019  The model will hit the market, roughly in the following year.
Belarus became a place where there will be the release of a new model of an
old motorcycle.

EVLN: Supercap, ultracap, Goldcap> take the plunge (v)
Could Ultracapacitors Replace Batteries In Future Electric Vehicles?
February, 17th 2019  In terms of electric cars, this would mean they would
be better than batteries when the ... ultracapacitors are not a substitute
for batteries in electric vehicles ...

Radical Jaguar saloon plotted in EV shake-up
Feb 10, 2019  Meanwhile, the all-new XJ due next year is expected to be
fully electric, which ... Autocar understands, is the likely future take-up
rate for premium EV models ...

China's CATL to Build World's Largest EV Battery Plant in Germany
February 18, 2019  China is increasing its presence in the global electric
vehicle (EV) battery market and this is being led by CATL, which is the
second-largest EV battery supplier ... Competition between Chinese and
Korean companies in the global electric vehicle battery market is
intensifying ...
Germany’s big (Chinese-made) battery plant to dwarf Tesla’s Gigafactory
02/06/2019  The e-car battery plant in the city of Erfurt, built by Chinese
company CATL, will likely be much larger: It could be three times the size
of Tesla’s ... Germany’s car industry will finally get what it couldn’t
establish on its own ...

(Sacramento-CA GIG-rental hev used4 JUMP e-scooter drive-over)
WATCH: GIG car used to run over JUMP scooter
Feb 12, 2019  GIG cars are electric vehicles that can be rented, similar to
the way people can ... "They smash/bend the scooter in half, then hop in
(the) Gig car and proceed to ...

EVcrash: 128mph red light running Tesla-S smashes SUV ice (v)
WATCH Tesla Speeding at 128mph Smashes Into Infiniti SUV
FEB 16 2019  A video from surveillance cameras installed on a road in Miami
Beach, Florida captured a serious accident involving a Tesla ...

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