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EVLN: Kalashnikov re-boasts CV-1(retro-70's Izh) EV wages war on Tesla>
Gun Giant Kalashnikov Unveils an Electric Car
February 20, 2019 - Kalashnikov has made the iconic AK-47 since 1949 and it
has changed the way war was waged ... maker of the AK-47, a rifle described
by Gunny Highway in Heartbreak Ridge as “the preferred weapon of your
enemy,” is ... threatening to produce an electric car to rival Tesla ...

EVLN: Seabubbles seats6 e-hydrofoil cuts drag by 40% ts:20knots
Seabubbles brings its electric, self-stablizing, hydrofoiling Bubble Taxis
to Miami
with a sleek shape reminiscent of a flying car from The Fifth Element. The
Bubble Taxi prototype runs two props on a 20-kilowatt ...

(EVs will consume oil as plastic)
Get ready for pushback in the war on plastic
But the rise of the electric car is expected to put a big dent into demand
... we are up against the biggest, most powerful industry in the world,
which will keep developing ever more convenient and attractive ways for us
to use more plastic ...

Skoda teases electric Vision iV concept
13 Feb 2019  Skoda has previewed a glimpse of its upcoming electric SUV
coupe that will ... with the Czech brand's plan to bring 10 hybrid and
electric vehicles to market by ...

EVtax: ?EVs damage MN roads more than ice? | Take a MN EV Road Trip
MN lawmaker wants electric cars drivers to pay higher fees
Feb 20, 2019  Minnesota lawmakers are considering higher annual fees on the
owners of electric cars ... Sen. Jeff Howe, R-Rockville, is sponsoring a
bill which was heard Wednesday by the Senate Transportation Committee that
would raise annual fees for electric vehicles from $75 to $250 ... lobbyist
representing the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers ...

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